I've turned! Fifty that is!! The big 5 0 ...Or jai cinquant ans, it sounds so much better in French! I love all things French and studying the language at the moment. And along with that milestone birthday came a whole swag of feels. Mostly, SHIT! how did that happen so quickly? Have I achieved enough? Have I contributed something worthy? Should I keep dyeing my hair? Is it time to cut some of the length off my pants and wear comfortable shoes and colourful kaftans? And those awful over 50's living arrangement ads on the telly are starting to make me nervous, was I supposed to start thinking about the future or is it already here? I've decide to chill, just own it and keep doing whatever I like to do the way I like to do it while keeping an eye out for people who enjoy life and are up for some new adventures. I'm not ready for the grey hair or three quarter pants...comfortable shoes? OK yes, I'm loving a good ballet flat, but what I will be more conscious of is slowing down and breathing in fresh air. Getting outside and really noticing stuff. Literally stopping to smell the roses...exhale moments.

So my three lovely and younger sisters took me to the very stylish Daylesford in Victoria for my birthday celebrations. This little town was just what I needed, fresh air, mountains to climb, gorgeous shops, interesting folk and crisp, foresty goodness. Get there if you can. We stayed at the goreously French inspired Lady Marmalade, with perfumed roses in her garden, tres bien! So smelly. And maybe wear comfortable shoes x


Merry Christmas everyone! What a year hey? A fabulous, crazy, difficult, sometimes shitty, sometimes amazing year. For me there's been some beautiful connections made...there was some excellent stuff in my creative spaces, some stuff that made me squirm and dig my heels in too. But mostly some clarity. Fresh clear eyes on the way forward. I now know where I'm headed, mostly. Turning 50 soon might have something to do with that, a sense of time running out or certainly travelling at the speed of light and I've finally realised that whole 'life is short' thing is real! 

I've started a little journal with a wishlist of what will be 50 experiences that will hopefully make my heart sing. Some for me, some for others. Gotta admit I bloody love a good list and the ticking off brings me joy. I'm a proud list ticker. Only my lists are getting more meaningful these days, more love and creativity, less cleaning!

On my list was to meet my creative idols. Booyah! Ticked!! I had the pleasure of spending an uplifting day in Sydney with these two glammas. Heart and soul kind of people. They shared their stories, real life stuff about the good, bad and ugly things that happen on the way to finding out who you are really meant to be while you're here on earth. My big takeaway - 'thoughts become things, they are your experience'. So, coming home I have made a more conscious effort to lay out the red carpet for my thoughts, make them comfortable and happy and trust that life will be more likely to take you where you need to be if you truly enjoy the moment and value your own happiness. Also was excited and a little nervous to give them a little artwork to take home - to Paris and Byron.  Stars aligned - gotta love that!                                                           


stars aligning

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So firstly sending love to those who don't have mum around and to those who do but...don't. You know who you are. My Mother's Day memories are full of scrawly hand made cards, burnt brekkies, paintings of rainbows made with inky watery gluey stuff - poor teachers trying be all arty but I knew they struggled. Oh, and the lavender bath salts wrapped in a crocheted face washer and carefully selected from the treasure trove of donated goodies at the kindy 'shop' cause we knew mum had time to soak in a bath! And the expensive pressies Dad would 'buy' on the credit card to 'surprise' mum, like that super swanky, keeping-up-with-the Jones' video recorder player thingy she really needed, not. Dad, bless him. 

But now as a mum of three adorable teens, mostly, my Mother's Day started with a few adjustments to the ambitious alarm set to get me up and strolling blissfully on the beach swinging my ballet flats and smiling as I watched the sun rise over the beach, nup, too snuggly in bed today, try again tomorrow. A cup of tea arrived from the youngest, who sloughed back to her bed smug with the knowledge she made it in to see me first. Middle child arrived beaming, and with a much wanted French language book lovingly wrapped in my fave colour pink, and off she went back to bed. What is it with teenagers and sleeping? Oldest only son and least photographed makes a grand late entrance with a bottle of my favourite liqueur, yes that's a fancy word for 'I know it's a bit daggy but I do like a little drop of Baileys every now and then'. 

Day continued with some pottering in the studio, sporadic attempts at housework, ok no that was a lie, I did stuff all housework today cause I'm the mum and it was my day off. We did make an emergency trip the wonderfully open all hours vet for the poor little fur kid who sprained her doggy wrist jumping off a chair. And ending it with another cup of tea and a grin. I've got this. Now, my turn to sleep!


First blog post ever. Maybe make yourself an espresso and don't get too comfy cause this one will be a quickie. So it's taken me many years to decide to call myself an artist. I think a lot of creative people feel the need to be selling their work or be a little bit famous to be able to call themselves a right proper artist. Well, now that I'm a grown up, I think that's a bit silly - if you create with joy, it might be music or art or fashion or food, then you're an artist baby! Life is way too short to wonder any longer.

This is a place where you will find my arty news, random pics I post late at night because...mum...and I hope it is the beginning of something really amazing. There you have it, talk soon. From, Lou, artist. 


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