Merry Christmas everyone! What a year hey? A fabulous, crazy, difficult, sometimes shitty, sometimes amazing year. For me there's been some beautiful connections made...there was some excellent stuff in my creative spaces, some stuff that made me squirm and dig my heels in too. But mostly some clarity. Fresh clear eyes on the way forward. I now know where I'm headed, mostly. Turning 50 soon might have something to do with that, a sense of time running out or certainly travelling at the speed of light and I've finally realised that whole 'life is short' thing is real! 

I've started a little journal with a wishlist of what will be 50 experiences that will hopefully make my heart sing. Some for me, some for others. Gotta admit I bloody love a good list and the ticking off brings me joy. I'm a proud list ticker. Only my lists are getting more meaningful these days, more love and creativity, less cleaning!

On my list was to meet my creative idols. Booyah! Ticked!! I had the pleasure of spending an uplifting day in Sydney with these two glammas. Heart and soul kind of people. They shared their stories, real life stuff about the good, bad and ugly things that happen on the way to finding out who you are really meant to be while you're here on earth. My big takeaway - 'thoughts become things, they are your experience'. So, coming home I have made a more conscious effort to lay out the red carpet for my thoughts, make them comfortable and happy and trust that life will be more likely to take you where you need to be if you truly enjoy the moment and value your own happiness. Also was excited and a little nervous to give them a little artwork to take home - to Paris and Byron.  Stars aligned - gotta love that!                                                           


stars aligning

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