So firstly sending love to those who don't have mum around and to those who do but...don't. You know who you are. My Mother's Day memories are full of scrawly hand made cards, burnt brekkies, paintings of rainbows made with inky watery gluey stuff - poor teachers trying be all arty but I knew they struggled. Oh, and the lavender bath salts wrapped in a crocheted face washer and carefully selected from the treasure trove of donated goodies at the kindy 'shop' cause we knew mum had time to soak in a bath! And the expensive pressies Dad would 'buy' on the credit card to 'surprise' mum, like that super swanky, keeping-up-with-the Jones' video recorder player thingy she really needed, not. Dad, bless him. 

But now as a mum of three adorable teens, mostly, my Mother's Day started with a few adjustments to the ambitious alarm set to get me up and strolling blissfully on the beach swinging my ballet flats and smiling as I watched the sun rise over the beach, nup, too snuggly in bed today, try again tomorrow. A cup of tea arrived from the youngest, who sloughed back to her bed smug with the knowledge she made it in to see me first. Middle child arrived beaming, and with a much wanted French language book lovingly wrapped in my fave colour pink, and off she went back to bed. What is it with teenagers and sleeping? Oldest only son and least photographed makes a grand late entrance with a bottle of my favourite liqueur, yes that's a fancy word for 'I know it's a bit daggy but I do like a little drop of Baileys every now and then'. 

Day continued with some pottering in the studio, sporadic attempts at housework, ok no that was a lie, I did stuff all housework today cause I'm the mum and it was my day off. We did make an emergency trip the wonderfully open all hours vet for the poor little fur kid who sprained her doggy wrist jumping off a chair. And ending it with another cup of tea and a grin. I've got this. Now, my turn to sleep!