I've turned! Fifty that is!! The big 5 0 ...Or jai cinquant ans, it sounds so much better in French! I love all things French and studying the language at the moment. And along with that milestone birthday came a whole swag of feels. Mostly, SHIT! how did that happen so quickly? Have I achieved enough? Have I contributed something worthy? Should I keep dyeing my hair? Is it time to cut some of the length off my pants and wear comfortable shoes and colourful kaftans? And those awful over 50's living arrangement ads on the telly are starting to make me nervous, was I supposed to start thinking about the future or is it already here? I've decide to chill, just own it and keep doing whatever I like to do the way I like to do it while keeping an eye out for people who enjoy life and are up for some new adventures. I'm not ready for the grey hair or three quarter pants...comfortable shoes? OK yes, I'm loving a good ballet flat, but what I will be more conscious of is slowing down and breathing in fresh air. Getting outside and really noticing stuff. Literally stopping to smell the roses...exhale moments.

So my three lovely and younger sisters took me to the very stylish Daylesford in Victoria for my birthday celebrations. This little town was just what I needed, fresh air, mountains to climb, gorgeous shops, interesting folk and crisp, foresty goodness. Get there if you can. We stayed at the goreously French inspired Lady Marmalade, with perfumed roses in her garden, tres bien! So smelly. And maybe wear comfortable shoes x