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Welcome!โ€ฆI'm a Sunshine Coast Queensland artist, and I paint from my home studio in Buderim. For some mad reason I LOVE tiny details, layer upon layer and a super kaleidoscope of colours...

My art is a kind of story telling, a little bit of therapy and a definite escape from the everyday stuff. No big deep meaningful messages, just happy colours and a musical interpretation of my landscape and environment that hopefully makes you feel like things are all ok. Painting for me, is simply a way to document all the little pictures travelling around in my mind - those mostly mental journeys we all have, and the beautiful, sometimes secret things I see and feel and hear along the way. 

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To enquire, view or purchase my work please visit my gallery representative www.tiffanyjonesfineart.com.au

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary...
Pablo Picasso

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